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Welcome to AdventureCraft wiki! The place for all of your AdventureCraft needs!

About AdventureCraft Edit

AdventureCraft is a stand alone mod to the sandbox construction game, Minecraft. It is designed to let players create adventure maps for other players. There are plenty of features such as: musical scripts, trigger blocks and non-player characters (NPCs). When playing an adventure map, the player is not allowed to create or destroy blocks, but is able to fight hostile mobs, gather keys to doors and use weapons like shields and guns. The player can turn a flatgrass map into a huge Mayan Temple by going into debug mode or control the weather using a Weather Block. AdventureCraft is currently available for download, but is no longer being updated.

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Features of AdventureCraft Edit

Explanation of the various features used in AdventureCraft.


  • Debug Mode (link not available)
  • Adventure Mode (link not available)

In-game things

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